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Güntner Chillventa preview

By launching the campaign "Chillax. – Rules may change. Safety stays the same.", the Güntner Group takes up the uncertainty prevailing in the market regarding the increasing demands in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry and demonstrates what a competent and reliable partner can do beyond purely technical aspects. Sustainability is the dominant topic that extends from the refrigerant issue to legal provisions on consumer protection such as legionella prevention, and to other legal requirements at national and international levels. The carefully developed products offer the customers durable quality that complies with the rules of the future already today. This way, Güntner’s customers can look ahead with confidence – whatever may happen.

Everything's possible – with the V-SHAPE Vario

The V-SHAPE Vario boasts a high power density. Be it as condenser, gas cooler or fluid cooler, and regardless of whether the desired refrigerant is HFC, NH3, CO2, propane or a water/glycol mixture, the V-SHAPE Vario offers everything – plus an extensive range of accessories. In addition to the HydroSpray pre-cooling system, also the HydroPad pre-cooling system is an available option for this product family. And, on top of this, we offer state-of-the-art controls for an energy-efficient motor management and the pre-cooling systems. And the AxiTop diffuser as standard accessory reduces the sound pressure level.

Structured diversity of air coolers – the CUBIC Vario

With its wide range of casing models and material combinations, different fin spacings and optimized tube and fin geometries for refrigerants ranging from HFC, NH3, CO2 and propane to fluids, the CUBIC Vario is suited for virtually every application. Fully in line with the Vario principle, the CUBIC Vario air coolers offer an extensive range of accessories, from repair switches to hot gas defrosting.

Powerful and smart – the Güntner V-SHAPE Compact

The V-SHAPE Compact condenser and dry cooler product family offers maximum performance on a small footprint even when operated in dry mode and is ideal for commercial refrigeration applications. The HydroPad humidification pad for adiabatic pre-cooling enables refrigerating plants to be operated more efficiently, thereby saving money – without necessitating water treatment, labour-intensive maintenance work and wetting of the coil. The Güntner Hydro Management GHM pad determines continuously whether applying water or increasing the fan speed will be more cost-effective.

Well controlled means money saved – with the GMMnext

The new GMMnext is a Motor Management System of the latest generation for EC fans – for high-performance connection to the BMS. The controller is prepared for modern Industrial Ethernet protocols, and a new, intuitive concept makes its operation even simpler. And, compared with the previous GMM EC, the GMMnext has a display that has become three times larger. With customer benefits ranging from operational reliability to real time data analysis and to economic operation, there is nothing left to be desired.

Condensation pipe behind the scenes – the DUAL Compact

With the option of the integrated condensation water pump in the new DUAL Compact, the condensation pipe can be installed out of sight in the intermediate ceiling. The benefit for customers: This saves more time when cleaning, provides more comfort for employees and more transport safety. And, of course, the units are hygiene-certified according to HACCP. What's more, the new tray design allows for hinging the outer tray on both sides. For more flexibility during servicing.

Powerful, with small footprint – the ADC High Density from JAEGGI

At high external temperatures or high plant loads/high fluid temperatures, the new hybrid dry cooler ADC HD is your natural choice. Thanks to the HydroPad humidification pads, the heat exchangers remain dry, and it is possible to cool the fluid down to below the ambient temperature. Control panels, pumps and pads are integrated and wired in a compact cube – this plug-and-play system provides maximum power density on a remarkably small footprint. The new ADC HD rounds off the capacity ranging from the ADC to the HTK.

Millions of types, always unique– the FLAT Vario

With the modular type diversity of the FLAT Vario, Güntner is setting a new standard for the selection of condensers and fluid coolers. From millions of types, the tried-and-tested Güntner Product Configurator (GPC) configures an individual unit in line with the requirements of the customer. The process is fast and reliable and is based precisely on the application. With pinpoint accuracy. The FLAT Vario offers a large number of types in the model range with diverse material combinations, a wide capacity range, availability for all common fluids, an operating pressure of up to 120 bar as a standard for CO2 applications, and operational reliability and leak containment thanks to the well-proven Güntner floating coil principle.




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