Multifaceted requirements call for flexible solutions

We offer a broad portfolio of solutions for such requirements, beginning with a wide range of designs that can be optimally adapted to the specific building situation. Once a design has been selected, its thermodynamic factors can be taken into account. Extensive accessories such as HydroSpray for more performance, optimised controls or special colour coatings further improve the respective solution.

Installation requirements

Different installation requirements call for different unit designs:

Low-profile units with a horizontal coil

Vertical coil units for wall mounting or space-saving installation

V coil units with high power density and minimised footprint

Centrifugal-fan units with high pressure for free installation in rooms

Depending on the location and configuration, certain minimum distances and installation heights must be maintained. These factors affect the condenser/dry cooler performance. We have the necessary experience and will provide you with the necessary information for your planning. Based on complex series of measurements conducted by us, we provide you with the information you need to calculate the minimum distances and installation height for your solution.

Building integration

Narrow spaces as well as visual and architectural requirements pose interesting challenges for the equipment manufacturer. We can competently advise our customers with regard to such requirements.

Easy transport and installation

Factory-fitted crane lugs

Container versions for easy loading and unloading

The Güntner support profile and Güntner support tube provide extra stability for forklift handling

Sound insulation

The sound specifications of our units have been confirmed by Eurovent. Their tests measure the installation position, including protection grill, bell mouth, and heat exchangers. Fans are available in different noise level classes. We use only brand-name fans, and thanks to strategic partnerships with our suppliers we always have access to the latest technologies.

Failure safety

We conduct:

basic research in our own labs

Precise thermodynamic designs

The tried and tested Güntner support tube system protects against leakage

Güntner support profile enhances the chassis stiffness

Special process ensures secure solder connections

Saving water

It seems to be all about ΔT, but water is very scarce and expensive in some regions of the world. This is where air-cooled condensers and dry coolers are the only sensible alternative. While their energy costs are higher, they require no desalinated seawater for evaporative cooling.

Optimised controls

Since Güntner develops and produces its own controllers and switching cabinets, they are designed specifically for Güntner dry coolers and condensers and form a very important component of Güntner heat exchanger systems.

Closed-loop controllers with multi-stage or continuous control curves

For AC or EC fans

Güntner motor management with many refrigerating functions

Plate heat exchangers

Güntner not only offers condensers and dry coolers but also plate heat exchangers. Under the Thermowave brand name, we also develop, produce and sell high-quality gasketed or module-welded plate heat exchangers that are available with various material combinations and seals. Our factory is located in Berga, Germany.


Under the motto "Better Spraying with Güntner", we developed two types of spraying solutions: "HydroSpray basic" and "HydroSpray professional". Both of them have several important benefits in common:

Up to 50 percent of the water consumption of conventional systems

Low operating costs: no chemical additives; no high-pressure pump

Calculations based on climate data

Fully wired: only one water and one power supply need to be connected


HydroSpray basic

Up to 300 h/a

Without SectionCycling

To compensate for heat peaks during summer

To employ a smaller unit and save on investment costs

To minimise the equipment footprint

HydroSpray professional

Up to 1000 h/a

With SectionCycling

With desalination system

To reduce the fluid temperature over a longer period of time

For spray systems in air conditioning or process cooling applications with low switch points

For optimised control and reduced consumption of processed water

Global presence

As your partner we support you anywhere in the world. You will find us at over 50 locations in almost every important production and trade centre. We are also familiar with regional laws and mentalities.  

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