The Güntner Benefit - food processing

Preventing draughts

For a pleasant working climate in cold storage rooms it is very important to prevent draughts and keep sound emissions as low as possible.
We have developed specific units for such working rooms, which enable optimum airflow routing with their special construction.
The fans we use can be speed-controlled, and therefore efficiently operated at a low speed.

Hygiene (HACCP)

Hygiene requirements are very high in the food processing industry. Numerous Güntner evaporators and air coolers have already been awarded the HACCP Hygiene Certificate.
Evaporator and aircooler design features which the certification include:
- Material harmlessness, approved for   foodstuffs
- Good accessibility for cleaning
- Large condensation water drain
- No dirt traps (no nooks or gaps)

Easy cleaning

Air coolers have to be cleaned often and efficiently in the food processing industry. Güntner has therefore developed units that are optimally adapted to this: All evaporators and air coolers are equipped with a hinged tray.
With certain series the fans swivel and the side covers are hinged, so that the unit can also be cleaned thoroughly from the inside. The casing’s smooth powder-coated surface also favours thorough cleaning.


The resistance of the materials used is put to tough tests with the cleaning agent, as well as substances used in production, such as salt, vinegar or smoke. Güntner delivers coolers with varying materials, which can be selected in the Güntner Product Calculator (GPC).

The Güntner Benefit - fast cooling and freezing

High air circulation rate

Güntner evaporators are equipped with high-performance brandname fans in forced-draught and aspiration versions. These fans ensure that the room is optimally penetrated with cold air.
The GFN Blast Freezer has forced-draught fans that ensure even air distribution in the cold storage room. Goods on cold storage trolley cars and stacked goods are efficiently cooled with the fans’ horizontal airflow routing.
With the GHN wall/ceiling-mounted evaporator the fans are inclined upwards by 3° (Güntner Incline Design). This increases the Coanda effect and optimises the airflow routing in the room.

High air speed

Fast freezing is important in maintaining the chilled goods’ original properties, such as nutrient content, taste, smell and appearance. Fans with high air speeds must be used to achieve this.
Güntner provides evaporators with high-performance fans and the corresponding external pressure for this. Please specify the required external pressure with enquiries.

High defrosting capacity

The fin coil must be defrosted regularly to maintain the evaporators’ cooling power. The system’s cooling power must, however, continue to be guaranteed during the defrosting process. This can only be achieved with evaporators that are optimally equipped for fast and efficient defrosting.
Güntner evaporators have electric heating for the coil, tray and fans as an option. A hot gas defrosting for the coil and the tray can also be selected for the GFN Blast Freezer.

Stepped fin spacing for reduced frost-forming on coils

Güntner provides evaporators with the option of double fin spacing on the air inlet. This can be selected via the Güntner Product Calculator (GPC) configuration software.
The double fin spacing prevents ice build-ups from blocking the fin gaps on the air inlet. Fewer defrosting cycles are then required, even in cold storage rooms with high air humidity and high floating temperature difference.

The Güntner Benefit - Storage of unpacked, sensitive goods

Low moisture loss

Low moisture loss of the goods is achieved by the lowest possible temperature difference and a high air change rate. This should already be considered early on with the cold storage room’s configuration.
Güntner evaporators and air coolers can be precisely configured for the application case with a low Δt with the Güntner configuration software.


The resistance of the materials used is put to tough tests with the high air humidity in the cold storage room and the cleaning agents used. Güntner delivers coolers with varying materials, which can be selected in the GPC.

Factory-fitted modules

Factory-fitted modules save time with installation and start-up.
Güntner heat exchangers are optionally available with a factory-fitted thermostatic expansion valve. This enables precise controlling of the refrigerant injection for precise temperature adherence.
With hot gas defrosting the units can be delivered with tubing already installed bet-ween the tray and the coil.
The check valve can also be delivered already mounted.

Costumer series and special constructions

Special applications require special solutions. Güntner has been constructing and producing special units and customized series for decades.

The Güntner Benefit - Storage of packed goods

Highly efficient cooler

Highly efficient, fail-safe Güntner coolers have high cooling power.
The coolers are equipped for this with a staggered tube system, internally grooved tubes and special fin geometries.

Even air distribution

Güntner evaporators and air coolers are equipped with tried and tested quality fans. This ensures a high air change rate in the cold storage room and the goods are continuously circulated with cold air.
Without using additional energy, the air throw range of the fans can be optionally increased with the Güntner Streamer.

Good cold storage room utilisation

Güntner evaporators and air coolers in various construction designs offer optimum utilisation of the cold storage room. You can therefore select coolers that precisely fit into the cold storage room’s geometry.
The goods can be stacked up to the ceiling with the use of the space-saving GDF slimline ceiling-mounted evaporator and the DHF ceiling-mounted evaporator.

Efficient defrosting

Güntner evaporators and air coolers can be equipped with various options for fast and thorough defrosting:
- Hinged tray as standard
- Defrosting flap
- Hot gas defrosting for coil and tray
- Electric heating for coil, tray and fans
- Water defrosting sprinkler
- Brine defrosting
These options are delivered factory-fitted for fast customer-side installation.

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